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Magpupungko rock pools are tidal pools on Siargao Island near Pilar town. The area can be reached in 45 minutes on a scooter from General Luna, the main tourist hub of Siargao island in the Philippines. The rock pools reveal themselves only during low tide.

Magpupungko Beach is also one of the best beaches to visit on Siargao Island!

In this blog post, you can learn a bit more about the rock pools as well as the beach, how to get there, the best time to visit, and other helpful tips.

Where is Magpupungko rock pools

This area is 35 km far from General Luna, and it takes around 45 minutes to reach this place. The route is straightforward. You simply have to follow the main circumferential road.

You can also save the location of Magpupungko rock pools to your Google Maps app.

Magpupungko rock pools Siargao Philippines

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How to get to Magpupungko beach

On your own

The easiest way to explore Siargao Island is by renting a scooter. Expect to pay around 350-400PHP per day for scooter rental in General Luna. If you rent for longer, you might be able to get a discount. It’s Asia, don’t be shy and try to negotiate.

It takes 45 minutes to get here on a scooter from General Luna. The road is in good condition, and you will pass a few other attractions, such as the famous Coconut Road and Maasin River. Don’t forget to stop at Coconut Viewpoint for incredible views.

We highly recommend visiting the viewpoint during a sunrise or sunset. Sky will be colored in hues of pink and orange colors. The atmosphere during sunrise or sunset is simply astonishing!

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Book a tour

If you don’t want to drive a scooter, you can also join a group tour. This can be booked in one of many tourist offices around General Luna.

We highly recommend booking a tour that will take you to the Magpupungko Rock Pools via Klook. They usually offer the best prices, everything is taken care of and you don’t have to go anywhere because you book it online.

Check out this awesome Siargao Land tour or Siargao budget land tour. Decide which one is better for you.

You can also check Colz Travel. It’s a big company that organizes trips on multiple islands in the Philippines. It’s also possible to book a tour online. I will link it below.

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Check out this awesome Siargao Land tour or Siargao budget land tour.

Hire a tricycle

If you prefer not to drive a motorbike or join a guided tour, you can hire a tricycle. It’s convenient, especially if you’re staying in General Luna, as many drivers operate primarily in that area.

This will be more expensive than renting a motorbike. But if you don’t know how to drive a motorbike, it would be a great option since there isn’t any public transportation on the Island. If you want to save some money go on a trip with people. Three or four people will certainly fit in the tricycle.

Where to stay

Generally, the best place to stay on Siargao is the main tourist hub General Luna. All the best restaurants, accommodations, and surf rentals are located in General Luna. You can also easily rent a motorbike there. Most of the tourists decide to stay either in General Luna or nearby.

If you prefer a less crowded and developed place, you can also stay at Pacifico Beach which is the nearest town with hotels. It’s a good surfing spot for beginners and intermediate surfers too. But there are only a few restaurants and accommodations.

Best hotels on Siargao

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Entrance fee to Magpupungko rock pools

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Entrance fee: 50 PHP per person

parking icon

Parking fee: 25 PHP for motorbike

As soon as you exit the main road and turn towards the area, you will be asked to pay the entrance fee.

You need to pay the entrance fee of 50 PHP per person for Magpupungko rock pools. If you come on motorbike you also have to pay 25 PHP for motorbike. However, if you have a car, it might be a bit more.

By paying the entrance fee you also get access to the Magpupungko beach where you can soak up the sun all day.

Do I need a guide?

Are you wondering whether you need a guide or not for visiting the area? The simple answer is that guide is not mandatory. Therefore, you can come alone or in a group without any problems.

But if you’re a solo traveler, you can join some the Land Tour. By joining a group of like-minded people you can have more fun and the guides can help you by taking pictures.

Magpupungko rock pools description

The rock pools are beautiful lagoons that will leave you speechless. The main reason is that the water in the pools is crystal clear. In addition, there are multiple caves, coves, and cliffs to explore when visiting the area.

You can watch huge waves breaking over the reef a bit further out in the ocean. The nearby beach is also a stunning place to be. You can easily spend a whole day in this area without getting bored.

Best Siargao beaches - Magpupunko beach

Rock pools are around 100m or so off the beach. You need to cross through the ocean to get there. There is not much space around to store your luggage. You can keep your things on rocks around. If you have a dry bag, it will be a good idea to bring it here.

There are some cute fish you can watch in the pools. We also found some small sneaky fish hiding right under the huge rocks. The fish tried to bite us when we came closer. But it’s nothing you should worry about. It was not dangerous, but funny.

If you don’t know how to swim you can also walk around the pools and explore the area. Rocks are really sharp so you should not walk there barefoot.

You can find another beach right behind the corner. You can get there by walking. Not many people go there and you can have it all just for you! But you should leave the beach at the right time. When the high tide comes, it will be hard for you to return without getting wet or swimming.

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Cliff jumping and snorkeling

Bring a snorkel and water shoes. It’s also a great place for cliff jumping. The water is up to 3-4 meters deep, so you don’t have to worry about hurting yourself while jumping. But you have to be careful because the water level varies.

It gets deeper as you get closer to the ocean. However, the cliffs are too sharp. Because of this, you should wear water shoes (or any other shoes) to climb up. Climbing up without the proper shoes might be difficult and you can also get hurt.

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Best Siargao beaches - Magpupunko beach

Magpupungko beach

If you are exploring Magpupungko tidal pools, it’s definitely a good idea to spend some time on the beach as well. It’s a beautiful rocky-bottom beach surrounded by coconut palm trees.

Snorkeling was not as pleasure as it could be because of the low tide. Waves might get really big there and it’s amazing to watch nature performance!

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When currents are too strong you have to hold the rocks, otherwise they can take you to the ocean. There’s not much place to swim during low tide but once the water levels rise slightly you can certainly go for a dip.

Magpupungko Beach is wide and big and you won’t have any problems with finding a free place to lay down.


You can find everything you need here. Few beach restaurants serve typical Filipino foods and fresh drinks. After all, getting a fresh coconut on the beach is always a good idea. A paid shower and a toilets are available, too.

Magpupungko beach Siargao Philippines

Travel Insurance

One of the worst things you could do is travel without insurance. We never go on a trip without travel insurance. Anything can happen during your adventures.

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Best time to visit Magpupungko rock pools

The best time to visit is, without a doubt, low tide. It’s the only time when you can reach the pools. To explain, Magpupungko are tidal pools that depend on the tides.

When the water level is low, you can easily walk to the lagoon. As I mentioned above, I also recommend having some shoes since the rocks at the bottom are a bit sharp and unpleasant.

You cannot access the pools during high tide. They are too submerged. The best way to plan the trip is to have one hour before and after the low tide.

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Magpupungko rock pools Siargao Philippines
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Tip: Have a look at tide times in Pilar town here.

To enjoy the beach as well, stay during mid to high tide. You can only swim here when the water is deeper.

Try to come as early as possible. This attraction is very famous and attracts a lot of crowds.

The dry season between March and October will give you the best conditions to travel around Siargao and enjoy all of its attractions to the fullest. The days are hot and sunny with little rain.

Visiting Siargao during the wet season is also worth considering. The prices are generally lower, and the wet season also coincides with the surfing season.

Best restaurants around

Most of Siargao is still not so developed when it comes to tourism. General Luna is the main tourist hub where you’ll find most restaurants. But as soon as you leave the town area, there’s not much choice.

You’ll find a few restaurants directly on the beach. They offer typical Filipino food. While prices are mostly cheap, the food is not the best. However, if you don’t want to leave the area, this will do. Grab yourself a fresh coconut or a cold drink, and enjoy the beach!

I recommend Ging’s Cafe if you don’t mind traveling a bit further. It’s a small family restaurant where they have incredible chicken adobo. Vegetarians can try their veggie curry.

Filipino food

Other things to do around

Pacifico Beach

Travel further along the Siargao Circumferential road, and you’ll find Pacifico Beach. Since it’s one of the most popular surf spots on the island, you can also rent a surfboard here. Advanced surfers can enjoy great waves directly at the beach, while beginners can travel a bit further to take their first lesson.

Pacifico Beach is influenced by tides, just as any other beach on Siargao. To enjoy the most of your stay, come during high tide. Otherwise, it’s not possible to swim.

You’ll also find a few sun umbrellas, sun chairs, and shelters in the area. However, to use them, you will have to pay a small fee.

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Taktak Falls

Siargao Island is not a place where you’ll find many waterfalls. The most famous one is Taktak Falls, which can be found in the north. While it’s not the most impressive waterfall ever, the whole area is really lovely, and it’s a great place to chill.

Swimming in the pools under the waterfall is very refreshing, and the water temperature is also quite fresh. When visiting Taktak Falls, I also recommend checking out Alegria Beach.

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Coconut Road

You will drive through Coconut Road on the way to Magpupungko and all the other attractions mentioned above. It’s an incredibly picturesque road lined up with palm trees. While there are many sections of roads surrounded by palms on the island, there’s one that’s the most popular.

Apart from the road, you can also enjoy lovely views from Coconut viewpoint on the way. It’s a great place for watching sunsets.

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Best guided tours on Siargao

  • Island hopping tour – Visit the three most beautiful islands near Siargao. The tour takes you to Naked Island, Daku Island, and Guyam Island. Additionally, you will also stop at two snorkeling spots. This was an unforgettable experience!
  • Sohoton tour – Visit incredible Sohoton Cove! This trip takes a whole day, but each stop is unique. You will visit caves and different lagoons, swim with jellyfish, and enjoy cliff-jumping and rope swings.
  • Land tour – Perfect for those who don’t want to drive a scooter. The tour takes you to Coconut Road, Magpupungko, Maasin River, and Sugba Lagoon.

Island Hopping tour

Sohoton tour

Land Tour

Magpupungko rock pools – conclusion

I would say visiting Magpupungko rock pools was one of the best things we did on Siargao island. You can easily spend half a day here without getting bored. We give you an extra tip. You can spend the rest of your day at TakTak Falls.

It’s a great day trip for friends, couples, and families alike. To sum it up, you HAVE to visit this place.

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