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Tanote beach Koh Tao

From the majestic temples and busy nightlife of Bangkok to the peaceful nature in the north, each corner of Thailand offers a great adventure. Enjoy Thai cuisine, explore some of its beautiful islands, or learn more about local culture.

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Tanote beach Koh Tao Thailand
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Best time to visit Thailand

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Dry season: November - May

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Rainy season: July - October

The best time to visit Thailand mostly depends on your preferences. Each season has something to offer and shows a different side of the country.

Dry season

Thailand experiences a dry season between November and May. This period offers clear skies and warm temperatures - perfect for a beach holiday. Vising the north of the country is also very popular at this time.

Rainy season

While rain might ruin some of your plans, visiting Thailand during this season offers green lush landscapes. Additionally, there are fewer crowds and prices are lower. When visiting some of the remote islands, keep in mind that the sea conditions might be rough due to storms.

Best places to visit in Thailand

Long Neck Village

Wat Huay Pla Kang

Bottle Beach viewpoint

Sai Daeng Beach on Koh Tao

Interesting facts about Thailand

Voluntary monkhood

Temporary ordination as a Buddhist monk is a tradition in Thailand that allows men to enter monkhood for a period ranging from days to months. It is a voluntary practice meant to teach about Buddhism through which men can gain merit.

During this period participants engage in daily routines, meditation sessions, and study of Buddhist teachings.

Land of temples

Thailand is home to more than 40 000 temples! Most of them have intriguing architecture and require modest clothing to enter.

Some of the most famous temples you should visit are Wat Pho, known for its 46 meters long statue of reclining Buddha, and Wat Phra Kaew, which houses Thailand's most sacred religious image - the revered Emerald Buddha.

Know before you go

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Plug type

Thailand mainly uses three types of plug: A, B, and C. Adaptors can be bought at the airport or in other stores.

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Time zone

Thailand uses GMT +7h time zone.

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Most tourists traveling to Thailand don't need a visa for 30 days. Some nationalities have visa-free entry for up to 90 days. We recommend using

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Best phone operators

The most common phone operators are TrueMove, AIS, and DTAC. We recommend TrueMove since they have good coverage and affordable plans.

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While tipping is not necessary in Thailand, it's appreciated. It's customary to tip around 10%.

Explore these beaches

Freedom Beach on Koh Tao

Bottle Beach on Koh Phangan

Zen Beach on Koh Phangan

Salad Beach on Koh Phangan

The best snorkeling spots

Best snorkeling spots on Koh Tao

Tanote Bay on Koh Tao

Haad Khom Beach on Koh Phangan

Mae Haad Beach on Koh Phangan

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Getting from Koh Samui to Koh Tao

How to get from Krabi to Railay beach

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