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Cloud 9 is, without a doubt, the most popular tourist and surf spot to visit on Siargao island. It’s also one of the best Siargao beaches. The main reason for its popularity is the world-class Cloud 9 wave.

Pro surfers come here every year to compete in the famous Cloud 9 surfing cup. But this place is suitable also for beginners. In this article, I would like to share how to get there, what to expect, and also where to eat. I will also cover the best places to stay on Siargao Island.

Cloud 9 Siargao

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How to get to Cloud 9 Siargao

On your own

Cloud 9 Philippines is 5km from General Luna, the central tourist hub on Siargao island. The best way to visit Cloud Nine Siargao and explore the area is by renting a scooter.

Moreover, the scooter rental costs between 300-400PHP per day. However, if you rent for longer, you might get a discount. You can also get the scooter with a surf rack. Just ask nicely while renting and they’ll provide the rack if they can.

Usually you have to pay more for the scooter with surf rack but you can also negotiate the price. For example, we didn’t pay anything extra for the scooter with surf rack.

Cloud 9 surf General Luna

Hire a tricycle

In case you do not wish to ride a scooter your only option would be to rent a tricycle. You can find multiple drivers around in General Luna.

The ride to the area will cost you around 50PHP. It doesn’t matter how many people will join you. However, when returning to General Luna, most drivers try to charge more.

General Luna tricycle

Where to stay

Generally, the best place to stay on Siargao is the main tourist hub General Luna. All the best restaurants, accommodations, and surf rentals are located in General Luna. You can also easily rent a motorbike there. Most of the tourists decide to stay either in General Luna or nearby.

However, you can also stay around Cloud 9. There are still enough accommodations and restaurants. It’s good especially if you want to surf there a lot.

Best hotels on Siargao

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Cloud 9 Siargao entry fee

ticket icon

Entrance fee: 100 PHP

Recently, locals started collecting entrance fees to the whole area. It doesn’t matter whether you want to go surfing or beach bumming. The entrance fee is 100PHP per day.

You can also get a 2 or 3-day pass. In that case, the price per day will still be the same.

You can only get a discount if you purchase a 15 consecutive days pass, which costs 750PHP. One month pass is 1500PHP. You must fill out your name and nationality when registering to enter the area.

Siargao Cloud 9 beach palm trees

About Cloud 9 Siargao

The area is only a few kilometers from General Luna. Considered the most famous tourist spot in Siargao, you can meet plenty of tourists here. Another fun activity you shouldn’t skip on Siargao is island hopping.

From the moment you enter, you will undoubtedly realize it’s a surfers’ paradise. Surfers of all levels and ages enjoy catching waves in the best surfing spot in Siargao. Many refer to it as the surfing capital of the Philippines.

Surfing Cloud Nine Philippines

Every year, there’s a Cloud 9 surfing cup, an international surf competition. It’s held around the end of October / beginning of November.

This is also the busiest time at Cloud 9 beach. Hence I recommend avoiding this period if you want a relaxing holiday.

Best Siargao beaches - Cloud 9 beach

Cloud 9 Beach

The beach is just as stunning as other Siargao white sand beaches. It offers plenty of shade under the palm trees, numerous restaurants and surf rentals.

However, this beach is more than just a surfers’ paradise. During the sunny days, this beach is full of people! If you’re looking for a calmer area, head back to the left side of the beach. You’ll find laid-back, comfy bars with bean bags overlooking the ocean.

Cloud 9 Siargao

Come during mid or high tide to get the most out of your beach stay. Once low tide comes, the water gets shallow and hot. However, unlike on some other Siargao beaches, it’s still possible to find pools where you can cool down.

cloud nine beach

Beach facilities

If you forget your snacks or food at the accommodation don’t worry about it. There are enough restaurants and bars on the beach. Enjoying dinner with a view of the sea and watching a stunning sunset is something you shouldn’t miss.

Clean showers and toilets can be found immediately after the entrance.

Cloud nine surfing

Cloud 9 surf break is the best in the Philippines. What’s great about it is that surfers of every level can catch some waves here. Cloud 9 Wave, however, is only for pro surfers.

ligh bulb icon

Tip: Consider wearing water shoes. The reef at the beach is razor sharp.

If you’re a beginner, you can try, for example, Jacking horse. You can find it on the left side of the beach. You will undeniably notice multiple beginners trying to stand up for the first time. Also, don’t hesitate to ask the locals which place they would recommend for your level.

Multiple places offer surf rentals. Surf costs 150 PHP per hour.

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Tip: Don’t forget to wear zinc, otherwise you will get burned. It’s a strong waterproof sunscreen made for surfers.

Cloud 9 surfing area

In case you want to do a surfing lesson it will cost 500-1000PHP for one hour. This includes the board as well as an instructor.

The best time to surf here is September to November or during the rainy season. For beginners, you can surf all year round. You can only surf here during mid or high tide since the water is too shallow during low tide.

You should also check the currents. If they are too strong it will be impossible for you to enjoy surfing. You can’t paddle against currents because it will get you nowhere. It will also drain your stamina. In the end, you will end up only paddling to reach the waves and not surfing.

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Tip: No waves according to a forecast? You can also practice in Siargao’s Wakepark.

Cloud 9 Siargao

Where to rent the surf

You can rent a surfboard either directly at Cloud 9 or in General Luna. If you decide to rent a surfboard right on the beach you need to pay 150 PHP for one hour. But if you want to surf longer (2, and more hours) and not pay extra, you should rent a surfboard for a day or more.

The best surf rental and shop is Fat Lip in General Luna. They provide a great variety of surfboards at great prices. If the surfboard does not suit you, you can come and change it at any time. The average price for a surfboard for one day is around 400 PHP.

You can even rent a surfboard for a few days at the Fat Lip. More experienced surfers can see this as an advantage.

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Tip for surf spots: Do you want to explore more epic surfing spots on the Island? Beginners will enjoy surfing at Secret Beach. More experienced surfers and beginners too will have a good time at Pacifico Beach.

Cloud 9 boardwalk

A long boardwalk takes you close to Cloud 9 Wave and Quicksilver. The name of this boardwalk is Cloud 9 Pier.

At the end of the boardwalk, there used to be a three-story viewing platform, but unfortunately, Typhoon Odette damaged it.

Cloud 9 boardwalk Siargao Philippines

Today, you can only find the boardwalk and a simple one-story viewing platform at the end. The boardwalk gets extremely hot in the sun. Therefore make sure you wear some shoes.

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Best Siargao beaches - Cloud 9 beach

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Best time to visit

The best time to visit Cloud 9 Siargao Philippines mostly depends on your preferences.

During low tide, the water is too shallow to surf. It’s also not the most ideal for swimming. You can find a few rock pools with deeper water.

The best conditions for both swimming and surfing come between mid and high tide.

sunny weather icon

Dry season: March – October

monsoon icon

Rainy season: September – February

To get the most out of your holiday on Siargao island, visit during the dry season. Days are hot and sunny, with minimal rainfall. The great news is that Siargao is relatively quiet even during peak season.

Siargao coconut palm trees drone

Each year, at the end of October and beginning of November, the Surfing Cup is held in the area. This is the busiest time for Siargao. It might be a good time to come if you want to watch the competition. If you prefer a calm atmosphere, plan your visit during other months.

The rainy season might be a good idea if you want to avoid the crowds and save some money. However, remember that long storms might ruin some of your plans. This season can also bring dangerous typhoons to Siargao Island.

Despite the general rules and expectations, the reality might be different. We visited Siargao at the end of April, and intense storms were on a daily schedule.

Siargao kids on street

Best restaurants around Cloud 9

You’ll find many amazing restaurants around Cloud 9. You have several options to choose from. It’s up to you whether you’re in the mood for Italian pizza, or traditional Singaporean food, or you want to enjoy classic Filipino food on the beach with a view of the ocean.

For those who want to fill their bellies with proper Italian pizza, we recommend going to X Pizza. They prepare fresh pizza, which is crispy, big enough, and above all very tasty. The prices are a little bit higher but it’s certainly worth it!

Lovers of Singaporean food can enjoy visiting the Siargao Hawker restaurant. The owners are very hospitable and the food they cook is authentic. If you can’t choose, they will be happy to explain the entire menu and help with your choice.

Thanks to restaurant Munchies @ Jacking Horse you can enjoy a delicious meal on the beach during the sunset. The menu offers traditional simple but tasty Filipino food at affordable prices. If you would like to learn to surf, you can get a surfing instructor here, too.

Other places to visit nearby

Many other beautiful places near General Luna are worth visiting. These are some of the best attractions you shouldn’t miss.

Secret Beach

Despite the fact it’s not so secret anymore, Secret Beach is still a peaceful place. A narrow stretch of sand disappears as high tide comes. You can relax on the grass under the palm trees.

Secret Beach is great for sunbathing, swimming, and surfing. This beach is perfect for beginners and longboarders, thanks to calm and slow-paced waves. Mid-tide creates the best conditions for catching waves.

secret beach Siargao drone

Guyam Island

A small, uninhabited paradise island only a 15-minute boat ride from GL provides a tranquil escape. Guyam Island is small, and walking from one end to another takes less than a minute.

It has a gorgeous fine white sand beach with crystal clear waters. This is also one of a few Siargao beaches with sandy bottom. People often visit Guyam Island as a part of island hopping tours, such as the one listed below.

Best Siargao beaches - Guyam island beach
tour icons

You can also book island hopping online. Check out this Island hopping tour on Siargao.

Coconut Road

You might have already noticed the amount of palm trees on Siargao island. Unsurprisingly, one of the best attractions on the island is a road lined up with coconut trees – Coconut Road.

Enjoy views over never-ending coconut trees from the Coconut viewpoint or take pictures on the famous Coconut Road! Come early in the morning so you can take nice photos without people or vehicles on the road.

ligh bulb icon

Tip: Don’t forget to bring your drone. This area is made for aerial pictures!

coconut road siargao drone

Best guided tours on Siargao

  • Island hopping tour – Visit the three most beautiful islands near Siargao. The tour takes you to Naked Island, Daku Island, and Guyam Island. Additionally, you will also stop at two snorkeling spots. This was an unforgettable experience!
  • Sohoton tour – Visit incredible Sohoton Cove! This trip takes a whole day, but each stop is unique. You will visit caves and different lagoons, swim with jellyfish, and enjoy cliff-jumping and rope swings.
  • Land tour – Perfect for those who don’t want to drive a scooter. The tour takes you to Coconut Road, Magpupungko, Maasin River, and Sugba Lagoon.

Island Hopping tour

Sohoton tour

Land Tour

Conclusion – Cloud 9 Siargao

Cloud 9 is the most visited beach on Siargao island. It offers a relaxed environment. Without a doubt, it’s the perfect paradise.

You can lay under the palm trees and enjoy cold coconut while watching surfers. Add this place to your itinerary when traveling to the Philippines.