Welcome to our travel blog!

We hope you are doing great today! We’re Juraj & Nika, two crazy people from Slovakia. Our biggest passion is traveling, photography, sports and blogging. This is what makes us feel most alive and in the present.


Nika - The Manduls

When I was 16, I discovered the beauty of Erasmus youth exchanges. It allowed me to travel during school. It was when I realised I am really passionate about travelling and did my best to travel as much as possible. When I was 19 and finished high school, I went backpacking to Asia for 3 months. I was a volunteer in China and travelled around few other countries.

While I was still in Thailand Covid started to get serious. I had to return back home. I was considering starting a travel blog but never really got to do it. I found a job in AT&T as a customer support where I met a friend – Marian. He kept talking about a friend of his that would be perfect match for me. It took me few months but I finally decided to contact Juraj.


Juraj The Manduls

Since I was young my parents took me on many vacations and trips each year. I fell in love with traveling quickly. After I finished high school I wanted a job which would allow me to travel anywhere and anytime. Sounds good right? Well it wasn´t so easy and I had few failures with bussiness. It took me some time to realize what my true passions are…

I was always dreaming about traveling around the world with love of my life. But I never had a normal relationship. I was waiting for the right one. Fortunatelly we had one common friend (Marian) with Nika. He kept telling me about her, saying that we are perfect match. I was shy to contact her. At the end she wrote me first on Instagram. I fell in love with her immediately. Since then we are always together doing some crazy adventures.

It started with many hikes and trips around Slovakia. Later we planned a month long summer roadtrip around Slovenia, Croatia and Dolomites. We already knew we want to keep traveling as much as possible. We decided to save some money and spend a year working in Switzerland. It was an incredible experience! We used all our free days to hike and explore Switzerland.

We both always knew we were not made for 9-5 office job. We hate stereotypes. Both of us feel a strong desire to experience something completely new and unknown often in our lives. And traveling is the perfect solution! Every day we try to do our best to follow our dreams and to find ways to live the life we’ve always wanted for ourselves. It’s not always easy, but it’s so worth it.

Full of ideas and lust for adventures we packed our backpacks and embarked on the biggest trip of our lives! We left for a 10 months long honeymoon in Asia. We had no expectations and didn’t really know what this trip would bring. We hoped to find ourselves, our biggest passions and a way to keep traveling. It didn’t take long to realise that we both love blogging.

We know how hard it might be to plan a trip. That’s why we decided to start putting our tips and hacks together. We always try to cover as much as possible. We want to provide complete travel guides so you don’t have to visit 10 websites to learn what you need. We had zero skills when in comes to blogging, but we had the desire to learn.