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Gigantic mountains, stunning turquoise lakes, picturesque villages. Nothing describes Switzerland better than a "dream country". Countless hiking trails, adventurous outdoor activities and lovely cities ensure an unforgettable trip to this wonderland!

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Oeschinensee hike and Panorama Trail Switzerland
Oeschinensee Lake & Panorama Hike
Augstmatthorn hike Switzerland, Augstmatthorn hike Lombachalp, Augstmatthorn hike Harderkulm, Augstmatthorn hike Hardergrat
Augstmatthorn Hike - complete guide
Stoos Ridge Hike Klingenstock Fronalpstock
Stoos Ridge Hike - Klingenstock to Fronalpstock

Best time to visit Switzerland

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Summer: June - August

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Winter: December - February

I would honestly say whole year is great! But to ensure you have the best weather, enjoy lush green nature and warm sunny days, come in summer. July and August are the peak months.

Traveling to Switzerland in autumn brings typical orange, red, and yellow colors. But it also means more unpredictable weather, rainy days and many closed hiking trails and chairlifts.

In winter, Switzerland looks like a fairytale, with snow covering the mountain peaks and villages. Enjoy skiing, winter hiking, and cozy mountain huts.

Spring is a great time, too! But in higher elevations, you can still expect some snow. Many hiking trails don't open up until late May.

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Interesting facts about Switzerland

Alps take almost 60% of the country

Switzerland is well known for its incredible mountains. But did you know they take 58% of the whole country?

Despite being such a mountainous area, Swiss nature is very diverse. In the central regions, you'll notice a lot of greenery, while the environment is harsher and drier in the south.

Then you enter, for example, Ticino canton, and palms and orange trees suddenly surround you.

Drinking tap water

Swiss tap water meets high-quality standards and has excellent taste. It's some of the finest drinking water in the world.

On average, 80% of the water comes from underground springs, and the rest is taken from the lakes. It has a better ecological balance than an average bottled mineral water!

Know before you go

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Plug type

In Switzerland, you'll most often find plug type J - three round pins. While typical European type C fits, we recommend getting an adaptor.

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Time zone

Switzerland uses GMT +2h time zone.

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EU or EFTA citizens only need a valid ID or passport. Some nationalities need visas also for stays shorter than 90 days. Check the visa requirements on the government website or via ivisa.com.

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Best phone operators

The best operators are Swisscom and Sunrise. But we recommend Digital Republic, which offers subscriptions from as low as 10 CHF. They also have e-SIM.

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Prepare to tip around 10-15%. Sometimes the tips are already included in the final bill.

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