10 Day Switzerland Itinerary 2024: Ultimate Guide


Switzerland is a wonderful country known for its stunning mountains, fairy-tale-like sceneries, turquoise lakes, and picture-perfect villages. I always imagined Switzerland to be this idyllic land where cows stroll around alpine meadows and everyone is happy.

As I later found out, I was not far from the truth. We had an opportunity to spend almost one year living in this beautiful country. So after exploring many of its corners, hiking the most beautiful trails, and visiting picturesque villages and cities, we would like to share our insights with you.

10 day Switzerland itinerary - Spiez

While Switzerland is on a bucket list of many travelers, a lot of you are scared of the prices. After all, Switzerland is a very expensive country and travel destination. But with the right tips and planning, you can have the most wonderful trip without getting broke.

If you’re planning a trip to Switzerland, it might be also slightly overwhelming to choose the best destinations. But we made it easier for you and planned the perfect 10 day Switzerland itinerary.

During these 10 days in Switzerland, you’ll see the best of what this country has to offer. You’ll visit the most beautiful villages, enjoy the best viewpoints, and also ride panoramic trains.

We built this itinerary based on our own experience when traveling around all those places. Everything is planned in a way that suits both travelers by car and those who prefer to use the trains.

10 day Switzerland itinerary overview

  • Day 1: arrive in Zürrich, explore the city
  • Day 2: Lucerne
  • Day 3 & 4: Interlaken
  • Day 5: Grindelwald
  • Day 6: Jungfraujoch
  • Day 7: Lauterbrunnen
  • Day 8: Mürren, Gimmelwald, Schilthorn
  • Day 9 & 10: Zermatt
Switzerland itinerary map overviews

Key Highlights

⭐️ Best cities to visit: Lucern | Zürich | Interlaken

⭐️ Best hikes: Bachalpsee | Augstmatthorn | Riffelsee

⭐️ Bucketlist Experiences: Via Ferrata Mürren | Paragliding in Interlaken | Jungfraujoch | Gornergrat Train Ride

⭐️ Discount travel passes: Swiss Travel Pass | Half Fare Card | Bernard Oberland Pass | Jungfrau Pass

⭐️ For adrenaline lovers: Canyon Swing | Canyoning

Useful travel resources

  • Omio – a platform to compare all transport options and choose the best one
  • SBB – the official website of the Swiss Federal Railways
  • MeteoSwiss – check the weather reports
  • Booking.com – find the best hotel deals
  • GetYourGuide – perfect for booking adventurous acitivites and tours
  • Klook – often has cheaper railway passes and tickets than the official webs
  • Maps.me App – informational offline maps, great if you have no mobile data or signal
  • SafetyWing – flexible travel insurance, which also covers many sports
  • DiscoverCars – your go-to deal finder when renting a car abroad
  • Airalo – buy mobile data and e-SIM when abroad
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Things to know before your 10 days in Switzerland

How to get to Switzerland

Thanks to Switzerland’s central location, it’s easy to get there from anywhere in Europe. We love to use Omio to see what transport options we have. This 10 day Switzerland itinerary starts in Zürich. But you can also travel to Geneva and follow the itinerary in the reverse order to make your way to Zürich.

By air

When traveling to Switzerland by air, you can fly to Zürich or Geneva from most destinations. You can also use Bern or Basel as an arrival point. However, we recommend flying to Milan. Many low-cost airlines offer cheap flights to Milan from all around Europe and then you can take a train from there.

By car

If you’re living near Switzerland, or renting a car for a Europe road trip, you can also easily visit Switzerland by car. It’s good to know that fuel stations are almost everywhere. Moreover, the roads are in perfect condition.

If you’ll travel via highways, which you almost certainly will, you need to buy a vignette. The only option is a one-year vignette, but it only costs 40 CHF. Make sure to check whether you need an International Driving Permit before your trip (EU citizens don’t).

Furkapass Switzerland drone photo

By train

Getting to Switzerland by train is incredibly easy. You can catch direct connections from Italy, France, Germany, Austria, as well as a few more countries. Travel to Zürich to follow this 10 day Switzerland itinerary. In order to check the train connections, you can use sbb.ch or Omio.

By bus

When traveling to Switzerland by bus, you can use Flixbus or RegioJet. They connect Switzerland with almost every major city around Europe. To search all the bus schedules for your dates and compare prices, use Omio. Moreover, their prices are often the same as those on official websites.

Traveling Switzerland by train - Swiss Grand Canyon Il Spir

How to get around Switzerland

By car

Traveling around Switzerland by car has its pros and cons. You have complete freedom with your schedule and it’s often faster than using trains. However, you always have to pay for parking and some parking lots in famous destinations fill up quickly.

ligh bulb icon

If you plan to rent a car for your Switzerland trip, we recommend purchasing Full Coverage as well.

Speeding is a big no-go. Plenty of radars are placed along the roads and the fines are expensive. Even locals driving a Ferrari would never cross the speed limit.

When it comes to safety, we felt extremely confident when driving around Switzerland. Everyone follows the rules and drives calmly. Even as a pedestrian, you may notice that the second you step somewhere near a crossroad, the cars would instantly stop.

The only dangerous part of driving around Switzerland by car is all the mountain passes with steep inclines and many curves. But as long as you drive slowly, you’ll be fine.

Also keep in mind, that some areas, such as Zermatt or Mürren, are car-free. Because of this, you’ll need to park on the outskirts and get to the final destination by train, bus, or cable car.

Furkapass Switzerland drone photo

By trains

Another option is to travel for 10 days in Switzerland by train. Since Switzerland is so well-connected it’s very easy and convenient. Trains connect all the major cities, small towns, and even distant mountain villages.

You can make use of different speed trains, and regional connections or take a ride in one of many Switzerland’s panoramic trains. For example, Bernina Express and Glacier Express are some of the most beautiful train rides in the whole country.

Trains always have luggage storage and you can buy drinks, snacks, and food on board. We recommend using one of the passes below to save some money if you plan to travel by train a lot during your trip.

Traveling Switzerland by train - Swiss Grand Canyon Il Spir 2

Travel passes and discounts

tour icons

To buy the travel passes for the cheapest available price, we recommend using Klook.

Swiss Travel Pass allows you to travel unlimited by trains, buses, boats, and some cable cars. You also get a discount for some trips which are not fully included. You can buy it for 3, 4, 6, 8, and 15 days, either consecutive or flexible. It costs from 244 CHF for 3 days.

ligh bulb icon

Check the validity map to see which passes can be used on different routes.

Half Fare Card gives you a 50% discount on all trains, boats, and buses for a month. It also includes panoramic trains and gondolas. Use the map above to see what’s covered. The card costs 125€.

Saver Day Pass works the same way as the Swiss Travel Pass, but is only valid for one day. It only costs 29 CHF when combined with the Half Fare Card or 52 CHF without it.

Jungfrau Pass is valid for all the rides in the Jungfrau region, except the Jungfraubahn to Jungfraujoch. It includes all the trains to Jungfrau regio from Interlaken, Schynige Platte, Harder Kulm, Grindelwald First, Mürren, Wengen, and more.

Berner Oberland Pass is like the Swiss Travel Pass but only valid in Central Switzerland. You can check the validity map to see which rides are included. You can also choose the number of days. In addition, this pass gives you an option to choose between 1st class ticket and 2nd class ticket.

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Best months to visit Switzerland

It’s important to note that you can visit Switzerland any time during the whole year! So no matter which month you choose, this incredible country will never disappoint you. This 10 day Switzerland itinerary is perfect for any season.

But each season comes with completely different vibes. We were incredibly lucky to see Switzerland in all the different seasons, and we enjoyed them all. Here’s a little comparison and what to expect in different months.

We did this exact roadtrip in October and had an amazing time! We had some rainy days but we still managed to do everything we planned and didn’t have to skip any place.


In spring, you can experience nature slowly waking up after a cold and snowy winter. Many peaks are still covered in snow. During spring, you have to be careful since many mountain huts, mountain passes and hiking trails might still be closed due to snow.

So if you’re planning a trip in spring, make sure to properly check all the closures. Also pack warm clothes.

Hiking Swiss Alps


Summer is definitely the best time to explore this country, mostly due to perfect weather conditions and a lot of sun. All hiking trails are already open and all the trains and cable cars are in full operation.

But a thing to keep in mind is that since this season is the high season, you have to be ready for all the crowds. Especially the most famous locations are gonna be overcrowded. But that doesn’t really make the trip less enjoyable at all!

To get the perfect balance between good weather and the amount of tourists, our tip is to travel to Switzerland in May or early September!

Hiking Swiss Alps summer


Winter is the perfect time to see Switzerland’s picturesque mountain villages all covered in snow. It’s definitely one of the most magical seasons! After all, nothing beats hitting the slopes, enjoying a hot outdoor jacuzzi with views, and spending cozy evenings behind a warm fireplace.

But the disadvantage is that mountain passes are all closed. Hiking opportunities are also somewhat limited. But that shouldn’t scare you off! It’s a completely different experience than that in the summer.

Zermatt Switzerland 1 - Matterhorn Gornergrat


Autumn is an incredible time to see Switzerland in all the shades of yellow, red, and orange. The landscape is completely different compared to summer, and it certainly has its charm. This time is especially interesting for photographers.

But temperatures get colder and days are becoming shorter, too. Rain is also more common.

Spiez Thunersee 10 day itinerary Switzerland

Most common questions about Switzerland

Can I drink tap water?

Almost every tap water in Switzerland is drinkable. Not only that, the filtration process also meets high-quality standards. This results in water with excellent taste and of exceptional quality.

What languages are spoken in Switzerland?

Three languages are spoken in Switzerland – Swiss German, French, and Italian. Ticino Kanton and other areas near the Italian border use mostly Italian. French is mostly spoken in the west, including Wallis Kanton and Geneva.

In tourist areas, almost everyone speaks English.

Is Switzerland safe?

In general, Switzerland is very safe both during the day and night. However, petty crimes might occur. So you should still keep an eye on your luggage.

What travel documents do I need to visit Switzerland?

If you’re an EU or EFTA citizen, all you need is a valid ID or passport. Some nationalities need visa also for stays shorter than 90 days. Check the list of all the countries and visa requirements on the government website or via ivisa.com.

How many days do I need in Switzerland?

You can see the highlights in 5 days, but we recommend at least 7 days to enjoy your time. An ideal time to see the most beautiful corners of Switzerland is 14 days. But you’ll be able to visit the best of Switzerland in 10 days, too!

Zermatt Switzerland 2 - Matterhorn Gornergrat

What budget do you need for 10 days in Switzerland?

Switzerland is certainly not a cheap destination. However, how much you’ll need for 10 days in Switzerland depends on your preferences. If you wish to dine out every single day, it will be more expensive than cooking your meals or buying snacks and ready-to-eat food at supermarkets.

You’ll find both “cheap” hostels in every destination as well as incredible luxurious mountain resorts.

So even low-budget travelers don’t need to be scared off by the budget for a 10 day Switzerland itinerary. With the right planning and some compromises, you can explore this beautiful country for a relatively good price!

We personally spent 9 days on a Switzerland road trip exploring all the places below and only spent around 1200 CHF for both. But we had our own car where we also slept and we cooked most meals.


When looking at the cheaper options, you can find some meals under 15 CHF, with most restaurant food costing between 20 – 35 CHF. When dining in fine restaurants, there’s no upper limit. You might also get a meal for 200 CHF if you can afford it.

Swiss Food - Schnitzel


You can often find hostels with dorm rooms for 50 – 70 CHF. In comparison, mid-range hotels for two people cost between 150 – 300 CHF. Stays in luxury 4 or 5-star hotels are starting at 400 CHF.

ligh bulb icon

Our favorite site for hotels is booking.com. When booking more often, you get to the Genius level with extra discounts, free room upgrades, and breakfast. They usually have the lowest prices, too.

To save on food expenses, we recommend choosing hotels with a kitchen.

Another option is camping. The average cost for two people with a tent is around 25 CHF. Wild camping is illegal.


When following this 10 day Switzerland itinerary overall transport costs can get pretty high. Even when traveling by car you often need to use train or cable cars to get to certain places. On our trip, it was the biggest expense.

If you plan to rent a car, the prices start at as low as 320€ for a week (without Full Coverage, which we highly recommend purchasing). You can see the recent prices for your dates on discovercars.com, our favorite portal for renting a car anywhere in the world.

If you plan to travel by public transport a lot, the sums can also add up pretty quickly. Because of this, it’s essential to look at all the different discount passes you can buy in Switzerland. We mentioned all of them above.

Switzerland by train


Day 1: arrival to Zürich & explore the city

About Zürich

Zürich is a cosmopolitan city in the north of Switzerland. Despite being one of the most expensive cities in Europe, it’s worth a visit. Stroll down the incredibly gorgeous streets of the Altstadt (Old Town), relax along the shores of Zurichsee, or explore the city by joining a boat cruise.

After a full day of walking around and getting to know this cultural hotspot, blow off some steam dancing in one of many of Zürich’s nightclubs and bars. This city is known for its vibrant nightlife.

Home to many museums and a tasty gastronomic scene, Zürich will captivate you. What a great start on our 10 day Switzerland itinerary!

Since we’re not really city people, somehow we always prioritized hikes and didn’t visit Zürich. Nonetheless, a good friend of ours who calls this city home helped us craft this perfect plan for a day in the city.

Zurich Switzerland
Image by Jörg Vieli from Pixabay

Things to do in Zürich

  • Explore the Old Town – Grossmünster, St Peter Church, Rindermarkt, Paradeplatz.
  • Stroll around Niederhof, a beautiful cobblestone alley with cozy restaurants and shops.
  • See Zürich from a different perspective on a roundtrip by boat cruising along Limmat river, passing under its 7 bridges.
  • Walk down the Bahnhofstrasse, one of the most expensive streets in the world.
  • Enjoy a private fondue & wine tour by an electric tuk-tuk.
  • Are you an art lover? How about a visit to Zürich Kunsthaus?
  • Go crazy at the largest techno party in the world – the Zürich Street Parade, with over 1,000,000 visitors dancing till the morning all around the city’s streets.
  • Visit Lindt Home of Chocolate Museum (reserve your tickets in advance!)
  • Get to know the local culture at the riverside beach Flussbad Oberer Letten Badi.
  • Go to Polyterasse or Lindenhof for great views of the city from above.
  • Visit Swiss National Museum which provides insight to Switzerland’s history.
  • Craving some more fondue? How about a romantic boat cruise with a fondue dinner?
tour icons

To see the best of Zürich in one day, join this City highlights and Boat cruise tour.

Zurich Switzerland
Image by Jörg Vieli from Pixabay

Day trips from Zürich

If you happen to be in Zürich longer and you’re looking for some other trips to do around, here are some ideas:

  • Visit Europe’s largest waterfall and a picturesque ancient village Stein Am Rhein on this Rhein Falls day trip from Zürich.
  • Gaze at 360 panoramic views of the Swiss Alps and visit the Ice Grotto on Mount Titlis day trip.
  • Explore Appenzell mountains! It’s an incredibly beautiful area which is not so touristy. We visited Appenzell a few times and we just love this place! Schäfler Ridge Hike is definitely on top of the list of our favorite hikes.
Zurich Switzerland
Image by Dimuth & Sujanee from Pixabay

Where to stay

Low budget

  • Zurich Youth Hostel – Clean hostel with double rooms available. However, it has no kitchen.
  • The Flag Zürich – A good choice for couples, since it’s a modernly designed apartment with a kitchen.

Mid range

  • Boutique Hotel Seegarten – Good location and fancy room, with breakfast included.
  • Hotel Felix – Centrally located and near the train station. Single rooms are also available.

Luxury stay

  • FIVE Zurich – Incredible resort outside the city with mind-blowing designs, especially in the dining hall.
  • Marktgasse Hotel – Cozy rooms right in the city center.
Zurich Switzerland
Image by Christel from Pixabay

Day 2: Lucerne

About Lucerne

The next stop on our 10 day Switzerland itinerary is Lucerne. The city offers a perfect blend of spectacular views, mountains, history, and culture. The words that describe this city the best? “Picture perfect”! Just one look at the photos of the city streets suggests what an incredible place this is.

Lucerne has it all. From historical buildings, the Swiss Alps all around, breathtaking mountain lakes to many day trips. Lucernsee, as the 4th largest lake in the country, offers an incredible array of activities and it’s a perfect spot for a swim with EPIC views!

Lucern Switzerland
Source: Pixabay

How to get to Lucerne

By car, you can travel via A14 and A4 roads and it only takes around 1 hour.

The best way to get to Lucerne from Zürich is by train. While it’s not a panoramic train route, the views are still captivating.

The fastest journey only takes 41 minutes, and trains depart almost every 25 minutes most of the day. The first train departs from Zürich Hauptbahnhof at 5:35 and the last at 23:35.

The full-fare tickets cost around 15 CHF. This ride is included in Swiss Travel Pass, Saver Day Pass, and Interrail / Eurail Passes. You can also use the Swiss Half Fare Pass for a 50% discount.

Things to do in Lucerne

Lucern Switzerland
Source: Pixabay

Day Trips from Lucerne

  • Ride the world’s steepest cogwheel railway and enjoy spectacular views on Mount Pilatus day tour.
  • See 13 lakes from the top of Mount Rigi, the “Queen of the Mountains”.
  • If you have no time to visit Titlis from Zürich, you can also do so from Lucerne.

Best hikes near Lucerne

  • We did Stoos Ridge Trail in the summer and we totally loved it! I believe this is one of the most epic ridge hikes which is incredibly easy! It only takes about 2 hours and is 4.4 km long.
  • Rigi Panorama Trail is an easy 3-hour walk on a wide path. The whole trail is 8.2 km, but you can make it shorter by boarding the train earlier. If you don’t have a Swiss Travel Pass, you can purchase a Rigi Pass.

Where to stay

Low Budget

  • Luzern Youth Hostel – The prices start at as low as 50€, but it’s a bit further from the train station.
  • Capsule Hotel – Typical capsule hotel that has an intriguing design.


  • Hotel Spatz – Close to the train station, yet far from the hustle and bustle of the city.
  • De la Paix – Cozy vibes and central location.


Swiss Food - Cheese Fondue
Cheese Fondue

Day 3 & 4: Lucerne to Interlaken

About Interlaken

The next stop on our 10 day Switzerland itinerary is Interlaken, also known as the adventure capital of Switzerland. Located between two turquoise lakes with the backdrop of enormous mountains, it’s a destination not to be missed.

What we loved the most here was the turquoise river flowing directly through the city! It creates such incredible views! The colors of the river are the best when the sun is shining.

In Interlaken, you’ll find many different adrenaline activities, from paragliding above the Swiss Alps to canyoning and bungee jumping. This is the most adventurous place you’ll visit during these 10 days in Switzerland.

Since the journey to Interlaken takes some time, we recommend spending another day in the area to explore all the best spots around! There’s so much to do and see that even those two days were not enough for us.

10 day Switzerland Itinerary - Interlaken

How to get from Lucerne to Interlaken

By car, you can follow the road A8 which takes 1 hour.

The trip from Lucerne to Interlaken is made easy thanks to the Luzern – Interlaken Express train. This line is also a part of the Grand Train Tour of Switzerland, a web of the 8 most panoramic train rides in the country. The Luzern Interlaken Express train connects Luzern and Interlaken Ost.

The train passes scenic valleys, picturesque Swiss villages, along turquoise lakes, and around the mountains. You can see 5 different mountain lakes on the way, including Luzernsee and Brienzersee.

10 day Switzerland Itinerary - Iseltwald

The travel time is 1 hour and 50 minutes, with the first departure at 06:06 and the last at 21:06. The express trains are scheduled every hour. The Luzern – Interlaken Express Train full ticket price is 34 CHF.

A seat reservation is not required, but we recommend to purchase it. You’ll certainly want to get a window seat for this ride. This is only advisable during the peak months of July and August. But even then, the chances of the train being crowded are low.

ligh bulb icon

For the best views, we recommend sitting on the right-hand side of the train when leaving Lucerne. The train turns around in Meiringen, where you should also change your seat and move to the other side for more views.

This train is included in the Swiss Travel Pass, Saver Day Pas, Berner Oberland Pass, as well as Eurail / Interrail passes. With Swiss Half Fare Pass you get a 50% discount.

10 day Switzerland Itinerary - Interlaken

Things to do in Interlaken

  • Stroll around the Old Town and explore those cute tiny alleys.
  • Enjoy breathtaking views from Interlaken Monastery and Castle. Bring some Swiss snacks for a picnic experience in the monastery’s gardens.
  • Hike to the top of Harder Kulm which takes 2 hours one way (or take a funicular roundtrip). Enjoy mesmerizing sights from the viewing platform or have a cold beer in the restaurant which looks like a castle.
  • Or hike to Augstmatthorn, one of Switzerland’s most beautiful ridge hikes!
  • A once-in-a-lifetime experience – tandem paragliding! If your budget allows it, definitely go for it! It’s a MUST HAVE experience, especially around Interlaken or Lauterbrunnen.
  • Families with kids will certainly have fun in the Rope Park. It’s an exciting park, where you also get to try a few zip-lines.
  • Another adrenaline adventure is a canyoning half-day trip through narrow gorges with a lot of cliff jumping and abseiling the waterfalls.
  • What about whitewater rafting on the Lütschine River? It’s no ordinary leisure rafting, this one will get your heart rate pumping with grade 3 or 4 rapids.
  • Explore Lake Brienz from a boat! You can choose between a thrilling jetboat ride or a leisurely kayak tour.
  • Ride a historic cogwheel train to Schynige Platte. If you have Berner Oberland Pass or Jungfrau Pass, this trip is included. With the Swiss Travel Pass, you have a 50% discount and you can book your ticket at Klook.com. Use code “BetterOnApp” to get a 5% discount on your first app booking.
  • Go paddleboarding on Lake Thun. We recommend Honu SUP rental.
  • Explore a series of underground tunnels, rock formations, and chambers in St Beatus Cave.
10 day Switzerland Itinerary - Interlaken

Best hiking trails near Interlaken

  • Hardergrat Trail is regarded as one of the most beautiful but also challenging hikes in Switzerland. It’s 24 kilometers long and takes between 12-14 hours to complete.
  • Augsttmathorn hike takes you to the top of Hardergrat Ridge and offers the same views as Hardergrat Trail. But, it’s an incredibly easy hike and much shorter, too! We did this hike from Lombachalp.
  • Schynige Platte Trail is a 5.5 km trail starting at the top of Schynige Platte. It only takes over 2 hours to complete the round loop. You can see rocky peaks, lush alpine meadows and dramatic cliffs all around.
10 day Switzerland Itinerary - Interlaken paragliding

Where to stay


  • Funny Farm Backpackers – A typical hostel in a huge building, which actually looks like an old fancy hotel rather than a hostel.
  • Adventure Hostel – Cute and cozy Swiss-decorated shared rooms with wooden beds.


  • Weisses Kreuz – Walking distance from the main points of interest.
  • Lötschberg – Also in a good location, with spacious rooms.


Switzerland itinerary - Interlaken

Day 5: Grindelwald

About Grindelwald

Is it just me, or does the name sound like a village from a fairytale? Well, it certainly looks like one! We really enjoyed our time in Grindelwald. It offers so many different activities and hikes, you just can’t get bored here.

Grindelwald lies in a spacious valley and it’s surrounded by tall peaks including Jungfrau and Eiger. You can even see Grindelwald Glacier from the village. It simply deserves a spot on this 10 day Switzerland itinerary.

We did the Bachalpsee hike from First and returned to Grindelwald by foot. The views there are so spectacular. When the weather is good, Bachalpsee creates mindblowing reflections of the surrounding peaks! The good news is that this hike is really easy and anyone can do it.

Switzerland itinerary - Grindelwald

How to get to Grindelwald

By car, this trip only takes 30 minutes and there are a lot of paid parking spots in Grindelwald.

You can travel to Grindelwald from Interlaken Ost with the Bernese Oberland Railway (BOB). This train takes you from the Interlaken valley up to the mountains, passing a few picturesque villages on the way.

Two coupled trains travel to both Grindelwald and Lauterbrunnen and they split in Zweilütschinen. Usually, the front carriages continue to Lauterbrunnen, and the rear ones to Grindelwald.

In order to board the right train, make sure to read the signs on the platform as well as the train carriages. All the information is stated clearly, so you will be fine if you pay attention.

The trip only takes 36 minutes with the R61 train connection. It departs every 30 minutes from 06:04 till 21:34, and then at 22:04.

The ticket only costs around 12 CHF with full fare. This trip is included in the Swiss Travel Pass, Saver Day Pass, Jungfrau Pass, and Berner Oberland Pass. With Interrail / Eurail Pass and Half Fare Card, you get a 50% discount.

Switzerland itinerary - Grindelwald
Bachalpsee Hike

Things to do

  • Visit Grindelwald First and discover a world full of adventures! It’s also a starting point for Bachalpsee hike.
  • Only 25 minutes cable ride away, you’ll find Grindelwald First Cliff Walk, a thrilling walk along the mountain cliffs on a narrow bridge! And the best thing? It’s completely FREE!
  • Looking for an adrenaline experience? Fly down the mountain at 80 km/h with a First Glider or First Flyer! One ride costs 31 CHF.
  • Visit the impressive Glacier Canyon, carved by the Lower Grindelwald Glacier millions of years ago.
  • For all the adrenaline junkies out there, you’ll love Canyon Swing. Nothing beats the feeling of free falling for 90 meters at 120 km/h.
  • Enjoy a 750m downhill toboggan run at Pfingstegg. A single trip only costs 8CHF!
  • Visit Männlichen for unbeatable views of Jungfrau, Eiger, and Mönch. You can easily get here by a gondola from Wengen or Grindelwald.
  • Ride the train to the Jungfraujoch – Top of Europe. You’ll find all the details on “Day 6”.
  • If you don’t plan to go to Jungfrau, ride the Eiger Express. The spectacular gondola ride offers excellent views of Eiger. You can also start the Eiger Trail hike at the top.
  • Unless you plan to use it on the way to Jungfrau, we recommend riding Wengernalpbahn! It’s a scenic train ride that takes you to Kleine Scheidegg, an area that inspired J. R. R. Tolkien to create Middle Earth.
Grindelwald First Cliff Walk Switzerland 3
Grindelwald First Cliff Walk
ticket icon

We recommend purchasing the Jungfrau Pass, which covers Schynnige Platte, Harder Kulm, Grindelwald First, Wengernalpbahn, and much more. You can save a lot of money when following our 10 day Switzerland itinerary with the pass.

Best hikes near Grindelwald

  • Eiger Trail is a 7.2 km easy-to-moderate hike that takes between 2-3 hours to complete. It’s mostly downhill. You start at Eigergletscher Station and finish at Alpiglen.
  • We chose to hike from First to Bachalpsee and return down to Grindelwald. But you can also take a gondola down to the village. This hike is super easy, with little elevation. It’s 3km long and takes 1 hour one way.
  • Rotstock Via Ferrata is an adventurous and adrenaline-packed climb which takes 3-4 hours and starts at Eigergletscher station.
  • Hike from Männlichen to Kleine Scheidegg, which is an easy descent and takes less than 2 hours.
Switzerland itinerary - Grindelwald Bachalpsee Hike

Where to stay


  • Grindelwald Youth Hostel – The hostel is in a typical Swiss wooden house, with wooden furniture in the rooms. You’ll love the fireplace in the hall.
  • Naturfreunde Hostel – Another Alpine-style hostel with panoramic views of Eiger and cozy fireplace outside.


  • Hotel PINTE – Our personal favorite. It’s a small Alpine house which features modern rooms with a lot of wood details.
  • Hotel Kreuz&Post – A 4-star hotel with a rooftop wellness.


Switzerland itinerary - Grindelwald

Day 6: Jungfrau – Top of Europe

About Jungfrau

Jungfrau is called the Top of Europe for a reason – Jungfraujoch is the highest train station in Europe, lying at an elevation of 3454 meters. From here, you can visit Jungfrau – a majestic peak packed with incredible activities to keep you entertained.

However, this attraction is also quite costly. So if you’re traveling on a budget, you might want to skip this one. Read how to get to Jungfraujoch below to see the prices and different options. There’s a way how to only pay 60 CHF for this trip.

ligh bulb icon

If you decide to skip the Jungfrau trip planned on our 10 day Switzerland itinerary, there are plenty of other hikes in Grindelwald! We listed our favorites above.

If you have the budget for it, it’s an experience not to be missed. You’ll get unparalleled views and you can spend whole day strolling around without getting bored! It’s once-in-a-lifetime experience, which you’ll certainly remember.

Jungfrau Switzerland
Image by kevin xiao from Pixabay

How to get to Jungfraujoch

You have three options to travel to Jungfraujoch:

  • Eiger Express tricable gondola from Grindelwald to Eigergletscher station, where you change to Jungfrau Railway. The journey takes 50 minutes.
  • Take a train from Grindelwald to Kleine Scheidegg (Wengenalp Railway). Then transfer to Jungfrau Railway. The journey takes 90 minutes.
  • Take a train from Lauterbrunnen or Wengen to Kleine Scheidegg (also Wengenalp Railway). Then transfer to Jungfrau Railway.

The train ride from Eigergletscher station to Jungfraujoch only takes 26 minutes. No seat reservation is required. The first train departs at 07:45. The trains leave every 30 minutes, with the last connection departing at 15:45.

The last train from Jungfraujoch leaves at 16:17.

ticket icon

If you don’t have any other travel passes, we highly recommend getting the Jungfrau Pass to save money on the cable car and train rides all over the Jungfrau Region. It can make your 10 days in Switzerland considerably cheaper.

Switzerland itinerary - Grindelwald Bachalpsee hike
For the trip to Kleine Scheidegg / Eigergletscher Station

You get a 25% discount with a Saver Day Pass booked with a Half Fare Card, Swiss Travel Pass, and Eurail / Interrail Pass. Half Fare Card gives you a 50% discount. With Berner Oberland Pass and Jungfrau Pass, you can travel to Eigergletscher Station at no additional cost.

For the trip from Eigergletscher Station to Jungfraujoch

With Half Fare Card and Jungfrau Pass you get 50% off. Swiss Travel Pass and Eurail / Interrail Passes provide a 25% discount. The full price for the return trip is 150 CHF for an adult.

Good Morning Ticket

Another way how to save money when traveling to Jungfraujoch is to purchase a Good Morning ticket. It’s only valid on the first three trains, departing from Eigergletscher station at 07:45, 08:15, and 08:45. You must return at 13:17. Later return trips are not included.

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You get a further 50% discount with a Half Fare Card and Swiss Travel Pass. This way you can get to Jungfraujoch for as little as 60 CH.

10 day Switzerland itinerary Grindelwald

Things to do at Jungfrau

  • Marvel at the length of the biggest glacier in the Alps – Aletsch Glacier from the viewing platform.
  • Admire the views from Sphinx Observation Desk – the highest point on Jungfrau.
  • Zipline across the glacier.
  • Escape the summer and sleigh in the Snow Fun Park.
  • Learn more about the history of Jungfrau in Alpine Sensation.
  • Take a walk in ice tunnel and see beautiful ice sculptures.
  • Visit the Lindt museum shop.
money icon

Once you pay for the ticket to Jungfraujoch, all the activities apart from renting a sleigh and zip-line are free.

Day 7: Lauterbrunnen

About Lauterbrunnen

Lauterbrunnen is certainly one of the most beautiful Swiss villages! We loved it here so much! It’s a small charming village in a valley surrounded by tall mountain cliffs. The biggest highlight of this place is without a doubt the second-largest waterfall in Switzerland – Staubachfall.

Picturesque Alpine-style houses, cozy restaurants and bars, spectacular views… Lauterbrunnen has it all. BUT it’s also a very tiny place with not much to do. So it’s a great destination to slow down, go hiking, or explore other surrounding villages.

It still certainly deserves a spot on this 10 day Switzerland itinerary. However, spending one day in Lauterbrunnen itself is more than enough.

ligh bulb icon

If you want to take some photos, start your day as early as possible. When we visited Lauterbrunnen, around 10 am buses of Chinese tourists started to flood the village.

10 day Switzerland itinerary - Lauterbrunnen

How to get to Lauterbrunnen from Grindelwald

When traveling by car, the villages are well connected by a road. But parking is limited in Lauterbrunnen. We left our car in a large multistorey car park next to the train station. I think it was also the cheapest option in the village.

Via Zweilütschinen

You can take the train from Grindelwald heading to Interlaken Ost and transfer in Zweilütschinen. It’s that train station where trains split in half on the way from Interlaken to Grindelwald and Lauterbrunnen. The tickets only cost 9.4 CHF one way.

The whole trip only takes 39 minutes with 8 minutes of waiting time at Zweilütschinen. The first train departs as early as 05:47. Trains are scheduled every 30 minutes, always at ’17 and ’47 (apart from 20:47 and 21:47). The last train leaves at 22:17.

This trip is included in the Swiss Travel Pass, Saver Day Pass, Jungfrau Pass, and Berner Oberland Pass. With Interrail / Eurail Pass and Half Fare Card, you get a 50% discount.

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You could stay in a hotel in Grindelwald and simply travel to Lauterbrunnen for a round-trip. This way, you can avoid having to travel with your luggage.

10 day Switzerland itinerary - Lauterbrunnen
Via Kleine Scheidegg (with Wengernalpbahn)

Another option is to travel by Switezrland’s longest rack railway with a cogwheel. However, there are no direct connections from Grindelwald to Lauterbrunnen or Wengen. You have to change trains at Kleine Scheidegg.

Trains depart Grindelwald station from 07:45 till 17:45 every hour. The trip takes 32 minutes and costs 39 CHF. But since the arrival is at ’17, you would have to wait until ’44 at Kleine Scheidegg for the train to Lauterbrunnen.

The first train leaving from Kleine Scheidegg to Lauterbrunnen is at 08:14 and the last at 08:44, with departures scheduled every 30 minutes (at ’14 and ’44). This section takes 41 minutes and a full fare ticket costs 44.4 CHF.

You get a 25% discount with Swiss Travel Pass, Eurail / Interrail Passes, and Saver Pass with Half Fare Card. The route is included in Jungfrau Pass and Berner Oberland Pass.

ligh bulb icon

Comparing these two options, the trains via Zweilütschinen take 39 minutes and cost 9.4 CH. On the other hand, Wengernalpbahn takes 1 hour and 40 minutes and costs 83.4 CHF.

10 day Switzerland itinerary - Lauterbrunnen

Things to do in Lauterbrunnen

  • Marvel at the incredibly tall Staubachfall with an impressive height of 297m. You can even hike closer to the falls and up to a viewpoint!
  • Visit Trümmenbach Falls – a series of 10 glacier waterfalls inside a mountain accessible only via tunnels and lifts.
  • Relax and enjoy a cup of coffee in one of the many cozy cafes and bars in the village.
  • Stroll around the village and explore different streets and viewpoints.
  • Visit Wengen on a short scenic train ride.
  • Explore different hiking trails. You can hike to Wengen or Männlichen for example.
10 day Switzerland itinerary - Lauterbrunnen

Where to stay


  • Valley Hostel – A hostel in a typical Alpine-style house with a garden to enjoy when not exploring.
  • Alpine Base hostel – Adults-only hotel with simple rooms, a shared lounge, and a garden.


  • Schützen – Typical family-run Swiss hotel.
  • Edelweiss – A hotel in Wengen, in a quiet location. It’s got rave reviews!


  • Oberland – The closest you can get to a luxury style in Lauterbrunnen.
  • Schönegg – Located in Wengen. The rooms are like from a fairy-tale.
10 day Switzerland itinerary - Lauterbrunnen

Day 8: Mürren, Gimmelwald & Schilthorn

About Mürren and Gimmelwald

Towards the end of your 10 days in Switzerland, you’ll head to the stunning villages of Mürren and Grindelwald.

I think we liked both of them even more than Lauterbrunnen! The vibes here are just incredible. Both villages are car-free and built on top of a 600m cliff right above Lauterbrunnen village.

Stroll around the lovely wooden houses while taking in the views of majestic Eiger and many other peaks. Home to one of the most stunning via ferratas we’ve done in Switzerland and a hotspot for base jumpers, Mürren also attracts many adventurers.

We did the thrilling Via Ferrata Mürren and it was one of the highlights of our year in Switzerland! Despite my being scared, standing on a small piece of iron with 600 meters of nothing below our feet was certainly an experience to remember.

10 day Switzerland itinerary - Mürren

How to get to Mürren

time icon

If traveling by car, you’ll still have to take the same trains, buses, and cable cars. Mürren is a car-free village. But you can skip the bus to Stechelberg and travel there by car. The parking costs 2 – 4 CHF per hour and it’s huge.

Cable car to Grütschalp + train to Mürren

From Lauterbrunnen, you first need to travel by cable car to Grütschalp which takes 11 minutes. The ride costs 11.8 CHF one way. In Grütschalp you transfer to train to Mürren. Sit on the left-hand side for the best views. The ride takes 14 minutes and the ticket costs 3.8 CHF.

This trip is included in the Berner Oberland Pass, Jungfrau Pass, and Swiss Travel Pass. Half Fare Card and Saver Day Pass gives you a discount.

10 day Switzerland itinerary - Mürren
Bus to Stechelberg + cable car to Mürren

A slightly more expensive option is to travel by bus to Stechelberg. It takes 10 minutes and costs 4.6 CHF. From Stechelberg travel by cable car to Mürren with a transfer in Gimmelwald. One-way trip is 11.8 CHF and the cable car departs every 30 minutes.

You can use the Swiss Travel Pass, Berner Oberland Pass, Saver Day Pass, and Half-Fare Card for this trip.

When we visited Mürren, the cable car was under construction so the cable car from Stechelberg was our only option. The transfer in Gimmelwald was so smooth I don’t even remember we had to do it.

10 day Switzerland itinerary - Mürren

Things to do in Mürren and Gimmelwald

  • Enjoy incredible views from Schilthorn and eat in Piz Gloria rotating restaurant. You can either hike or take a cable car to get to the top.
  • As mentioned before, paragliding in Interlaken and above Lauterbrunnen is the best in the Swiss Alps! The paragliding activity over Lauterbrunnen valley starts in Mürren.
  • Try a thrilling Via Ferrata Mürren, the most exciting via ferrata we’ve ever done!
  • Explore the area by strolling around one of many hiking trails.
Via Ferrata Mürren Switzerland
Via Ferrata Mürren

Where to stay


  • Sonnenberg Dormitories – Low-budget dorm rooms with balconies and mountain views from every room. In winter you have ski-to-door access.


10 day Switzerland itinerary - Mürren

Day 9 & 10: Mürren to Zermatt

About Zermatt

Home to the iconic Matterhorn mountain you certainly know from the famous Toblerone chocolate, Zermatt is one of the most beautiful corners of Switzerland. The village itself is car-free and full of cute narrow streets and wooden Alpine houses.

You simply can’t skip this stop during your 10 days in Switzerland.

You’ll find both budget-friendly hostels and luxury resorts around, with many high-quality restaurants and gourmet cuisine. Thanks to all the attention Zermatt gets, this town is incredibly equipped and you’ll have everything you might need around.

Switzerland itinerary - Zermatt Matterhorn
ligh bulb icon

To save some money, we recommend staying in Täsch where accommodation is slightly cheaper than in Zermatt. You can easily reach Zermatt from Täsch by train in 12 minutes. In fact, it’s the only way to get to Zermatt.

In wintertime, this is an incredible ski resort with countless opportunities. You can even ski to Italy from here. The Zermatt ski resort is huge, with 322 km of slopes of all levels. The longest slope is more than 20 km long.

Switzerland itinerary - Zermatt Matterhorn

How to get to Zermatt

This will be the most complicated journey included in our 10 day Switzerland itinerary.

First, you need to make your way back to Lauterbrunnen (unless you didn’t stay in Mürren). From Lauterbrunnen, catch the train to Interlaken Ost. From there, you have to travel to Spiez, which takes 22 minutes.

If you have time, we recommend a quick stop in Spiez. It’s a beautiful less-known town built on Thunersee Lake. You can visit Spiez Castle and go for a refreshing swim in the lake. Spiez Station should have lockers for your luggage.

From Spiez, travel by train to Visp. This only takes 26 minutes. The train travels through mountains via a tunnel and takes you from Kanton Bern to Wallis. Lastly, you can take a train from Visp directly to Zermatt. This section takes 1 hour and 10 minutes.

Switzerland itinerary - Zermatt Matterhorn

All the tickets combined will cost around 93.8 CHF. You can use a Swiss Travel Pass or Eurail / Interrail Pass. Berner Oberland Pass is valid up until Visp. You have discounts with a Half Fare Card and Saver Day Pass.

Despite 3 transfers, the whole trip only takes under 3 hours. It’s not the most convenient journey, but you just can’t remove Zermatt from this 10 day Switzerland itinerary.

ligh bulb icon

When traveling by car, you will have to take a car train to cross the Lötschtunnel. The train goes from Kandersteg to Goppenstein. Many connections are scheduled daily and a ticket only costs 25 CHF.

Switzerland itinerary - Zermatt Matterhorn

Things to do in Zermatt

  • Stroll around Zermatt village and enjoy the cozy cafes and exclusive restaurants.
  • You can also go paragliding above Zermatt! It’s slightly more expensive than Interlaken, but considering you can see Matterhorn, it’s worth it.
  • Visit the highest cable car station in Europe – Matterhorn Glacier Paradise. It offers views of 38 four-thousand-meter peaks as well as 14 glaciers.
  • Go for a ride to Gornergrat by cogwheel train. It takes you to 3135 meters where you can enjoy views of Matterhorn and also Gorner Glacier. Sit on the right-hand side on the way up for the best views.
  • Zermatt is an incredible ski-resort, with countless opportunities for skiing and snowboarding in winter months.
  • Or ski all-year round around Matterhorn Glacier Paradise! Over 22 km of slopes are open all summer.
  • Ride a mountain cart from Blauherd to Sunnega. This takes between 1 to 2 hours.
Switzerland itinerary - Zermatt Matterhorn Gornergrat Railway

Best hikes near Zermatt

  • We did the Riffelsee hike from Gornergrat and walked all the way to Zermatt village. But since this was very exhausting with a never-ending downhill walk, we recommend only hiking to Riffelberg and taking the train from there.
  • The Five Lakes hike is one of the most popular hikes, but it’s also quite long. To make it shorter simply hike from Blauherd to Stellisee and back. This only takes an hour and it’s the best section.
Switzerland itinerary - Zermatt Matterhorn hike

Where to stay



  • Jägerhof – A 3-star hotel close to the center of Zermatt.
  • Walliserhof – Also a 3-star hotel with amazing room decoration.


  • Daniela – Super cozy hotel in a quiet location with free access to Gädi Spa.
  • Zermama – In our opinion, this is THE best hotel in Zermatt.
Switzerland itinerary - Zermatt

If you have more than 10 days in Switezrland

Explore Appenzell area

This might actually be our favorite part of Switzerland. I guess it’s because there are not as many tourists, so it feels more authentic. Apenzell is hiker’s paradise. While you can do many different trails here, we recommend Schäfler Ridge Hike with an overnight stay at Schäfler hut.

But if you’re looking for a shorter hike, head to Saxer Lücke. The mountain has a very unusual shape, which looks like it is from a different planet. You can also go down to the valley to visit Fahlensee.

Schäfler Ridge Switzerland

Add Oeschinensee hike

Oeschinensee wasn’t so famous until recent years. But no wonder it’s becoming such a hotspot. This incredible mountain lake has a deep blue color and massive peaks surround it. You can also rent a boat to paddle around the lake.

We visited this place on our roadtrip and hiked all the way up to Oeschinensee. Afterwards, we also did the round hike taking you above the lake and then back to the cable car station. However, if you don’t feel like it or don’t have so much time, you can simply take a cable car to visit Oeschinensee.

No matter how you get to the lake, we highly recommend doing the round hike. It provides excellent views of the lake from above, where the colors seem to be unbelievably blue. You can also stop for lunch in a simple mountain hut on the way.

Oeschinensee Switzerland

Visit Kanton Ticino for some Italian vibes

We’ve been to Ticino a few times. It’s unbelievable how the vibes change compared to the rest of Switzerland. Suddenly, we were surrounded by palm trees and also heard Italian from everywhere! Because of this, it actually feels like you’re in Italy! But the prices are still Swiss.

We spent some time exploring the largest cities in the Kanton – Lugano and Locarno. They’re both worth a stop. You can also add a small tropical village Ascona to your itinerary.

Lugano Switzerland

If you have less than 10 days in Switzerland

Skip Zürich

If you prefer to see more of nature and fewer cities, simply skip Zürich and go straight to Lucerne. After all, Lucerne is also full of historical buildings and lovely streets, similar to those in Zürich.

See Mürren, Gimmelwald and Lauterbrunnen in one day

Since Lauterbrunnen is not a place that offers too many things to do, it’s actually easy to explore all three villages in one day. And if you start your day early in the morning, you’ll have plenty of time to also visit Schilthorn.

Switzerland itinerary - Zermatt Matterhorn hike

Skip Interlaken, or stop there during your trip to Zermatt

Another option is to make your stay in Interlaken shorter. You can skip it completely and instead travel directly from Lucern to Grindelwald on day 3. This will shorten this 10 day Switzerland itinerary to 9 days.

But if you would really like to see Interlaken, just spend some time there on your way to Zermatt. You can leave your luggage in the lockers at the train station and explore the city for a few hours, which is more than enough. But you won’t be able to do any of the activities around the city.

Final thoughts on 10 day Switzerland itinerary

We believe this is the perfect 10 day Switzerland itinerary which takes you to all the best places around the country. If you’re visiting Switzerland for the first time, these are the must-visit spots you shouldn’t miss!

We tried to make it manageable for anyone, without feeling like you have to rush to your next destination. Of course, if anything doesn’t suit your needs, you can still tweak it and change it up.

We hope you’ll have an amazing time! Don’t forget to leave us a comment once your trip is over We’d like to hear your thoughts!

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