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When planning our trip to Cebu in the Philippines we just couldn’t miss sunset at Osmeña Peak. It’s the best viewpoint on Cebu island and also one of the highest points.

Together with the Moalboal Sardine Run, it attracts many tourists each day. At the top of the mountain, you’ll have 360 panoramic views. You’ll also be surrounded by hills looking similar to the Chocolate Hills on Bohol Island.

Because of the mindblowing views, you must add this place to your Cebu itinerary. Keep reading if you would like to know how much is the entrance fee, how to get to Osmeña Peak, the best time to visit, and more.

Where is Osmeña Peak

It is located around 1 or 1.5 hours from Moalboal town, which is one of the best places to stay on the island. The distance from Moalboal is around 35 kilometers. The road is accessible for both scooters and cars.

Travel all the way to Badian village, just before the start of Kawasan canyoneering and Lambug Beach. Then turn left in the village and continue via Badian Highlands (map). The road is completely new and very wide in this section. It’s also steep and full of curves.

Soon, you will reach a place called Mantolongon. From here, it’s not far to the parking area.

Don’t forget to save the location of Osmeña Peak to your Google Maps app.

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IMPORTANT: Google Maps might send you through Bangkulotan Hillside (map). DO NOT GO THIS WAY!!! It’s the worst road we have ever used in our lives! It starts like a normal road, but after a while, the concrete completely disappears. Then it only keeps getting worse. It’s an extremely rocky road that only consists of small and huge rocks. A complete disaster. At the end (on the way to Moalboal) it’s so narrow only one scooter can pass.

osmena peak viewpoint
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How to get to Osmeña Peak

On a scooter

The easiest way to get to here on Cebu Island is undeniably by renting a scooter. While there are few rentals on the streets, some hotels may also provide this service. Don’t worry, finding a scooter rental in Moalboal is not a problem. The price range is between 300-400 PHP per day.

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Important: Make sure you double-check the brakes on a scooter before your trip. You’ll certainly need good brakes for the hills.

Before heading on a trip we recommend keeping the way to the destination preloaded in the app. We also highly recommend downloading offline maps, since you can easily loose signal in this area. We personally use no matter where we go.

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Rent a car

Another option is to rent a car. If you decide to travel around Cebu this way, be careful. Most roads are wide with few potholes. However, sometimes Google Maps might take you through roads not in the best condition.

Anyway, renting a car might be a good option if traveling with a family or a bigger group. Or simply if you like the comfort of traveling by car. We recommend using Discover Cars.

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Don’t forget to get travel insurance before your trip!

With private driver

If you don’t feel comfortable driving a scooter or a car, you can hire a private driver. It’s more expensive. But you can split the cost if you’re a group of 4.

The price range is between 2000-3000 PHP. Also, try to ask at your accommodation if they have a contact for a driver.

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Join a tour

You can also have a full day of adventure and come here with a tour. We highly recommend booking the Kawasan Waterfalls & Osmeña Peak Day Tour. 25€ is indeed an amazing price, and everything is taken care of.

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If you want to explore Cebu island carefree and visit its best attractions, join Kawasan Waterfalls and Osmeña Peak Day Tour.

Public transport

Another option is to take the public bus from Cebu City to Mantalongon. It’s a small city in the mountains, only 5km from the starting point of Osmeña Peak hike.

From Mantalongon bus station you can take a motorbike taxi. The cost of a taxi should be around 100 PHP. Ask the driver to take you to the parking area.

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Where to stay

The most popular areas to stay on Cebu Island are Moalboal and Oslob. The latter is known as a hotspot for snorkeling with whale sharks. We recommend avoiding this place since it’s unethically exploiting the whale sharks. Do not support such activities.

Instead, head to Moalboal! It’s one of the coolest places to stay on the island. Moalboal offers many hotels and lovely bars to spend your evenings.

Best hotels on Cebu

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Ancelle Cristo Re

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Pescadores Suites

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Osmeña Peak entrance fee

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Entrance fee: 100 PHP, guide is included

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Parking fee: 20 PHP

The entrance fee to the area is 100 PHP per person. A guide is already included in the price.

If you’re coming here by car or scooter, you’ll have to park in front of the Tourism Information Center. A small parking fee must be paid.

Since we came before sunset, there were not so many people. It was easy to park. But during morning and day, it might be different.

osmena peak tourist office

Can I hike Osmena without a guide?

The trail distance is only 500m and takes around 10 minutes. You probably ask yourself whether the guide is really necessary. Well, I would say no. It’s impossible to get lost, and in our opinion, there’s no need for a guide.

However, locals claim it’s due to safety. A few years ago, a Chinese tourist fell off a cliff while taking selfies. Hence, local guides are mandatory now.

So to answer the question – no, it’s not allowed to hike without a guide. After all, the fee is small, and it helps the local community make money. By paying the entrance fee and getting a guide, you support the local economy.

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Opening hours

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Opening hours: 8 am – 5 pm

You can hike in the area 24/7. However, the official opening hours are between 8 am and 5 pm. The registration center is also open between these times.

About Osmeña Peak

The peak is a part of the Badian mountain range and lies at an elevation of 1013 meters above sea level. You’ll find that all the surrounding mountains have similar conical, almost symmetrical shapes. Bohol Island is home to Chocolate Hills, which look the same. The most possible explanation for this unusual shape is as follows.

Chocolate Hills Bohol
Chocolate Hills

The peaks are mostly made of limestone, which was dissolved by different sources of water (rain, groundwater, and surface water). Then, streams eroded them more after they got pushed up and cracked by tectonic movements.

The space between the individual hills is mostly flat land, which is used for growing different plants. People living in this area mostly make money by growing and then selling different types of vegetables, such as carrots or cabbage.

Today, it’s one of the most popular viewing points on the island. Many tourists as well as locals climb up here to enjoy stunning sunrise, sunset, or simply lovely views during the day.

osmena peak viewpoint


At the parking area, you can stop for a drink or a snack in a small cafe. If you need a restroom, you’ll find one in the registration office.

After leaving the parking area and registration office, you won’t find any more cafes or services. You can enjoy untouched nature.

However, few restaurants are open in the area. But they are a few minutes of a scooter ride away. More about that below.

Hike to Osmeña Peak

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Duration: 10-15 minutes

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Difficulty: easy

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Distance: 500 meters

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Guide: mandatory

This hike is an easy one. Don’t worry – you can also do it in flip-flops. The trail is just slightly steep. Additionally, you’ll have a guide by your side all the time.

The trail is gravel or dried mud. After rain, it might be a bit slippery. It’s a very straightforward path without the possibility of getting lost.

After a couple of minutes, you’ll be standing at the summit of Osmeña Peak. It’s unquestionably the most beautiful viewpoint of Cebu island.

osmena peak summit

At 1,013 meters above sea level, you can enjoy 360-degree panoramic views of Cebu Island. At this point, we were absolutely fascinated by hills and rock formations!

We have seen something like this only once before. It’s very similar to Chocolate Hills on Bohol Island.

To be honest, we certainly don’t like to wake up really early. Therefore, we decided to visit Osmeña Peak during sunset. It was the best decision.

Maybe we were just lucky, but there were almost no people at the top. Most tourists left before the sky showed the best colors.

osmena peak sunset

So if you decide to come for sunset (probably the best option), just politely ask your guide if you could stay longer and wait a couple of minutes after the sun sets. The only negative thing about coming for sunset is that you’ll have to drive back in the dark.

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Tip: Before coming to Osmeña Peak, you can also visit Dao Falls. It’s one of the most beautiful waterfalls on the island.

Travel Insurance

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Best time to visit Osmeña Peak

The best time to visit is either during sunrise or sunset. Not only will you avoid crowds, but the colors of the sky will be on fire, too.

Furthermore, the dry season between December and April is the best time to visit Cebu Island. During this period, there is little to no rainfall. Try to come during the week. Most Filipinos have their days off during the weekend, and Osmeña is a popular attraction for locals, too.

We visited Cebu in the middle of April, and the weather was perfect. But take a jacket with you if you plan to come here for sunset on a scooter. In the evening, it’s cold up in the mountains.

osmena peak
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Other places worth visiting

Cebu Island offers so many things to do, you could easily spend a month here without seeing it all. Below we list some of our most favorite places to visit:

  • Binalayan Falls – Three streams of waterfall cascading down a huge cliffs, where you can go cliff jumping. This place can only be accessed with a local guide, who will show you where to jump.
  • Dao Falls – A 20-minute hike through a canyon, which ends under a waterfall. You can swim in a turquoise natural pool. This adventure is a must-do when traveling Cebu.
  • Inambakan Falls – One of the most beautiful waterfalls we have ever seen! When walking around, you can explore hidden waterfalls and pools. The waterfall has many level you can visit.
  • Montpellier Falls – Less known and not so visited waterfall hidden in a jungle. But it only takes 15 minutes of walking to get here.
  • Lambug Beach – One of the most beautiful white-sand beaches on the island. It’s also a popular place for locals.
  • Moalboal Sardine run – Snorkeling with millions of sardines and sea turtles. Optionally, you can also learn diving or freediving here.
Dao falls in Cebu, tourist spots cebu, best attractions cebu, things to do on cebu island, cebu itinerary, best waterfalls philippines, best waterfalls cebu
Dao Falls

Best restaurants near Osmeña Peak

When passing the surrounding villages, you will also see many grocery stores. So you’ll have many opportunities to buy more water or snacks if needed.

Optionally, you can also have lunch or a coffee in one of the few restaurants nearby. The choices are limited. However, you’ll find delicious food and a good cup of coffee in the area.

  • Café de Montagne – a cozy little cafe, where you can have a cup of freshly brewed cofee
  • RJ’s Resto Peak – a small restaurant right at the entrance
  • Patimz Bistro – a well-reviewed place with tasty panini and coffeee
Filipino food

Best guided tours on Cebu

  • 3-Day Cebu Highlights tour – Great if you’re looking for a hassle-free trip around the best Cebu attractions. Visit Cebu City, different waterfalls, go snorkelling with whale sharks and sardine run.
  • Sumilon Island tour – Visit Sumilon Island, explore its idyllic beaches and go snorkeling with whale sharks, the largest fish in the world.
  • Mactan Island hopping day trip – great if you’re staying in Cebu City or Mactan Island. This tour takes you around different islands and you can also combine it with scuba diving.

Cebu Highlights

Sumilon Island

Mactan Island hopping

Conclusion – Osmeña Peak Cebu

Cebu has so much to offer! This hike was definitely one of the best adventures on the island. You’re rewarded with the most incredible views and unusual hills. If timed right, it’s possible to enjoy an incredible sunset and watch the sky on fire.

We hope you found this guide helpful. Let us know what was your experience on Cebu Island like below in the comments.