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Welcome to Weligama beach, a hidden gem nestled along Sri Lanka‘s southern coast. Weligama is a paradise with its golden sand as well as laid-back atmosphere.

It’s a perfect destination for beach lovers and adventure seekers alike. Whether you’re after beach-bumming, thrilling water sports, or a taste of authentic Sri Lankan culture, this destination has something for everyone.

When you get tired of laying on the beach and surfing, head to Udawalawe for a jeep safari. It’s a perfect day trip from Weligama.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll share must-try activities as well as other essential travel tips. We’ll also mention surfing in Weligama, best hotels and best restaurants.

So, pack your sunscreen and flip-flops, and let’s dive into it!

Where is Weligama Beach?

Weligama beach is situated along the southern coast of Sri Lanka, in the Matara District of the Southern Province.

It’s located approximately 30 kilometers east of Galle and around 145 kilometers south of Colombo. Since it’s a rather popular tourist destination, the beach is easily accessible.

You can also save the location of Weligama beach to your google maps app.

Best hotels in Weligama

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How to get to Weligama Beach

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Parking fee: free

As long as you’re staying in Weligama you can simply walk to the beach. The liveliest part of the beach is somewhere in front of Hangtime hostel.

In case you’re staying a bit further from the beach, there are numerous tuktuks available. Drivers however often ask for prices that are way to high.

As a tourist, you must be prepared for paying more than locals. But to avoid getting scammed ask locals how much you should expect to pay.

Additionally, if you’re staying somewhere along the main road, you can also take a bus. There are numerous buses crossing the town. No matter what’s their destination, they can surely take you close to the beach.

The bus stops are well marked along the road. Optionally you can also try to wave at the driver. The buses run quite often. You can get off close to Single Fin surf shop (map). Bus is significantly cheaper than a tuktuk.

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Weligama beach Sri Lanka
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Weligama Beach entrance fee

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Entrance fee: free

There is no entrance fee to the beach, no matter where you enter.

Weligama Beach description

Weligama surf beach is a place full of life, no matter what time of day you come. Early mornings are especially popular amongst surfers. The whole beach is full of surf schools and rentals.

Apart from that, there are multiple small shops serving local food as well as fresh drinks.

In case you would like to have a sunbed, there’s plenty of choice, too! I am not sure about the prices though.

Toilets as well as showers can be found at Kurumba bay, a lovely beach pavilion worth visiting. There’s also a swimming pool with a pool bar. Additionally, there’s a few restaurants and gelato shop.

If you’re looking for calmer piece of beach that’s not so crowded simply go towards right or left side of the bay. There’s also way less surfers endangering you.

Weligama beach Sri Lanka
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Looking for a day trip from Weligama? How about Ella highlands!

Surfing in Weligama

Surfing in Weligama is one of the most popular activities in Sri Lanka and deserves a place in your Sri Lanka itinerary. Whether you’re a complete beginner who has never surfed before or a passionate pro, surfing here won’t disappoint you.

There are various surf breaks to choose from according to your level.

For complete beginners, surfing in Weligama bay is the best choice. There’s a beach break, meaning the bottom is pure sand. Therefore you don’t have to worry about hitting a rock or getting scratched by a reef.

Another benefit of Weligama bay is that it’s protected by the land from both sides. Hence the waves are mostly perfectly clean. That’s a dream for surf beginners!

If you’re an intermediate or a pro, surfing in this area won’t disappoint you either. There’s a handful of reef breaks and other surf spots nearby. Midigama offers plenty of choice, SK Town and Hiriketiya beach are also worth visiting.

No matter what’s your level, surfing in Weligama will be an unforgettable experience!

Surfing in Weligama beach Sri Lanka

How much does it cost?

It’s incredible how affordable surfing in Sri Lanka is. If you’re simply looking for a surf rental, it will cost around 300 LKR (0.9€) for 1 hour. Most surf rentals in the bay have the same prices.

Surf instructor costs 20$ for a lesson. I would also consider joining a surf camp if you plan to surf a lot. The town is also full of incredible camps.

Snorkeling at Weligama Beach

While Weligama is not at the top of the best snorkeling spots in the country, it still has something to offer. There are some nice coral reefs that boast a colorful marine life.

Weligama bay itself is not great for snorkeling. It’s mostly a surf spot with many waves and little visibility. To witness the best of underwater life you can join an excursion of one of the tour operators in the area.

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Weligama beach Sri Lanka surfing

Other activities in the area

There are plenty of things to do around Weligama. Some of the most popular activities are day trips to Udawalawe or Yala National Park. We listed some other activities that sound interesting, too!

  1. Daytrip to Ella Highlands – Visit Buduruwagala temple, Ravana Falls, Little Adam’s Peak, and Halpewatte Tea Factory in one day.
  2. Yala national park safari – Yala is famous for abundant wildlife. You can spot leopards, elephants, watter buffalos, sloth bears and much more.
  3. Traditional Jewelry Making Workshop – learn an old-school way of making your own jewelry.

Best Restaurans around Weligama Beach

  • Fish Point Weligama seafood – the best seafood restaurant in the area offering fresh catches of the day and local meals
  • Hangtime Hostel – wide choice of western meals for affordable prices, very comfy area, great coworking space
  • Rise Pizzeria – seriously best Italian pizza on the island, make a reservation, it gets pretty crowded
Best restaurants in Weligama

Best time to visit Weligama Beach

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Dry season: Decemeber – March

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Rainy season: June – August

The best time to visit Weligama is between December and March during dry season. There’s plenty of sunshine and minimal rainfall. This also means lots of tourists and higher prices.

If you’re after beach-bumming all day long and outdoor activities, weather-wise it’s the most ideal time to come.

If you prefer fewer crowds, lower rates, and don’t mind bad weather come during the off-season. The rainy season is between June and August. Surfing is still decent, however, storms might interrupt your other plans.

A period I would also consider is the shoulder season. This is either April to May or September to November. There are still a lot of sunny days with occasional rainfall.

In general, beaches are less crowded and rates go down, too. A good balance if you ask me.

Day-wise, the beach is full of surfers in the mornings as well as afternoons. Lunch time is the calmest time, however the sun is strongest, too.

Surfing in Weligama Sri Lanka

Weligama Beach – conclusion

Weligama Beach was one of our favorite places along the coast of south Sri Lanka. We had a really memorable trip full of different adventures.

The area is great for couples looking for a romantic getaway, for families with kids, or solo backpackers.

Apart from many fun activities such as surfing and a handful of places to visit nearby, you can make day-trips to other best places to visit in Sri Lanka.

We hope you found this Weligama beach travel guide useful. Share your experience in the comments and let us know how you liked it! Also, check our other Sri Lanka travel guide for even more helpful information.

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