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Bali is a volcanic island with two active volcanoes dominating the landscape. It is known for its stunning black sand beaches, world-class waves, beautiful rice fields, and incredible culture. Balinese are some of the most welcoming people you can meet!

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Best time to visit Bali

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Dry season: May – October

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Rainy season: November – April

The best time to visit Bali mostly depends on your preferences. Each season has something to offer and shows a different side of the country.

Dry season

In general, the best time to visit is the dry season. Days are mostly sunny with clear skies. There might be occasional rains. During peak months, it can get unbearably hot and humid. It’s also the most popular season, so expect higher prices and crowds.

Rainy season

The most intense rains come in December and January. Storms during the rest of the rainy season are usually short and intense. Because of this, you can have a good time even during the rainy season. But prepare for occasional floods.

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Interesting facts about Bali

Bali only has four names

Balinese children are usually named according to the order in which they are born. It doesn’t matter if it’s a girl or a boy.

The first child is named Wayan, the second one is Made, the third child is Nyoman and the fourth one is Ketut. With the fifth child, the cycle starts again with Wayan.

The only Hindu island in Indonesia

Most of Indonesia has a Muslim-majority population. However, almost the whole island of Bali is Hindu. Bali even has its own from of Hinduism – Balinese Hinduism.

It has features from both Hinduism and Buddhism. Balinese believe that nature is influenced by spirits. They make offerings from different products to these spirits. Mount Agung is considered the most sacred place to them.

Know before you go

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Plug type

Bali mainly uses C and F types of plugs. They have two rounded pins, the same as in Europe.

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Time zone

Bali uses GMT +8h time zone.

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Most tourists traveling to Bali need a visa. Some countries are eligible for a visa on arrival. Check your visa requirements.

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Best phone operators

The most common phone operator with the best coverage is Telkomsel. Optionally, you can also use eSIM.

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While tipping is not necessary, it’s appreciated. It’s customary to tip around 10%. Additionally, many places add a service charge to your bill.

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